To get to my office, I take the Shackleford exit, turn right, then turn left onto Executive Center Drive, and then take the right into the parking lot. For much of the past two months, when I turn left, my heart seems to gain weight. When the time comes to turn right into the parking … Continue reading Posture


Dr. Wingfield

I lost my marbles this week. You know in personality tests when they ask you whether or not you thrive in routine or spontaneity. This week has taught me routine is my jam. I wanted to think I was that free spirited girl who rode the waves of spontaneity. But alas, I am the girl … Continue reading Dr. Wingfield

Grey Reality

On July 4th, 2013, two brown haired cousins shared my lap. Their child giggles captivated me, and I willingly was their entertainer for the evening. We wrote our names with sparklers and hugged each other close when the pop of a firework echoed. We chased each other and let watermelon remnants stay on our face. … Continue reading Grey Reality


A few weeks ago, I sat at a brown park in Texarkana. Dirt piles and dirt paths left the ground brown. Water in the pond looked like coffee with creamer. The dead leaves that my feet crunched were different shades of brown. The winter trees were bare and left with their brown trunk and limbs. … Continue reading Watercolor


Currently, I am in the busiest Starbucks in Arkansas. I’m not exaggerating, the barista told me so. She told me they were the busiest and cleanest in the state. Quite an accomplishment. I love Starbucks. All the coffee snobs and local advocates may shake their head in disgust, but let me explain. Starbucks are everywhere. … Continue reading Waiting